Finance and Account


The department is in Charge of Water production from the six water treatment plants namely Suleja, Bida, New Bussa, Kantagora, Bosso and Chaichaga. It has three(3) units.

Production unit which is in charge of water production at the treatment plants.

Water quality unit which ensures that water produced meet the standard stipulated by the Nigerian Standard for Drinking Water Quality(NIS554 2015).

Sewage Unit are in charge of processing fecal waste to the fecal solution treatment plant

Technical Services

The department is responsible for repairs and maintenance of Electro-Mechanical equipment, Pipeline Extension and maintenance, Water distribution, Reduction of Non-revenue water, Technical services, Planning design, Research and Monitoring and Evaluations.

Admin and Human Resources

This department is saddled with the responsibility of Training, Recruitment and General Administration of the Organisation. They are in charge of Preparation of Annual training plan, Coordinate training activities. Some of the departmental responsibilities are increasing institutional and human resource capacity, Staff welfare.

Commercial services

This department is saddled with the responsibilities of Commercial operations for the corporation, Ensuring compliance of commercial policies, Monitoring and implementing programs and activities in increasing number of water connection and prompt delivery of services to customers in relation to billing and water related complaints or problems. The department is also responsible for operations of the billing division and the safe keeping of all the files and records of the division, Ensure regular monthly, accurate and timely billings of all the customers, Establishing and preparing a database of all customers in the state. The department is also responsible for preparing revenue statistics of the corporation.

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Effective Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Services (E-WASH) Program